Hard work and a little elbow grease

Sundlof Engineering

Below is a list of projects that I have completed in order of completion.

Text Box: This is an Instrument I made to capture the sound of the sitar in a banjo. It has five sympathetic strings and is tuned similar to a five string banjo.
Text Box: This instrument was carved from the original Stratocaster body and refinished with a light finish to allow the wood to vibrate more freely.

This is an electric banjo combining the design techniques of the Indian Sarode and the Western electric Banjo.

Text Box: This mandolin was originally just suppose to be a fix but the entire instrument was to low of quality so the entire body and fret board needed to be rebuilt.

This is a fretless bass made from Ash wood and is very thick to give more of a punch in tone. The headstock was designed to look like a piranha.




Fender Stratocaster Custom

Fretless Bass with fish headstock