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                  At Sundlof Engineering we are committed to building or repairing anything you need to improve your instrument and overall tone as a musician. We specialize in acoustic instruments but work with electronics as well. We have experience with exotic instruments, basically we are able to help you with anything that has strings and wood. We are here to help you with your musical needs. Patrick Sundlof has been studying through the Johnston Center for Integrative Studies at the University of Redlands in Redlands, California with a Bachelor of Arts in Luthiery and Musical Performance. He also traveled to India to study Tabla Performance, Building and Repairing Sarode, Sitar, Veenas, and other native Indian instruments. In his travels abroad he met with Sanjay Sharma son of Rikhi Ram who built Ravi Shankar’s sitar. He also met with the late Hemen Sen of Kolkata, India; the best Sarode maker in India. Patrick was lucky enough to meet him and his two sons in their shop Hemen Sen and Company. In Patrick's custom  projects  he combines ideas from Indian Instrument Design to Western Instruments as well as using found and recyled materials to reduce costs and promote green instrument building.I hope you enjoy!


I have experience with:
Concert Orchestra
Concert Band
Percussion Ensemble
Drum line
Pep band
Redlands University Jazz Band
Redlands University Choir
Redlands Concert Band
Redlands Wind Ensemble
Bluegrass Band “Bunch of Brewskis”
Folk Band “Tritonale”
Laya Yatra (Journey of Rhythm Indian Fusion band)
Grunge Surf Band “Brown Wreckloose”

I have experience with
Percussion for 9 years
Guitar for 7 years
Bass for 7 years
Banjo 4 years,
Mandolin 4 years
Piano for 6 years.


I worked with students from 8-21 with private lessons. I have worked with Lincoln Middle School in near O’Hare Airport In Chicago, were my sister works and I helped teach guitar and piano to her students.


I can repair many electronics in Amplifiers, Speakers, Pick-ups and Switches, Mixing boards, and Electronic Church Organs. I have been modifying my guitars and other instruments to create different sounding traditional instruments with my knowledge of Indian musical techniques. I studied in musical instrument design all over India and worked with many Instrument Walas or Manufacturers. I studied with my Physics Professor Eric Hill at the University of Redlands on building guitar effects pedals and basic circuitry.


I enrolled in an Audiology and it qualified for the California Certification for Hearing and Tympanometry Screening. With this class I wanted to really understand the way humans hear and what are the major disorders with hearing. I also own an Audiogram  to screen and test hearing.


Work Experience:
University of Redlands Gardener 4 years       Boss: Rory Byrnes 909.748.8367

Photographer’s Assistant                Boss: John Sundlof           
Wilmette Beach 5 years                                  Boss: Tim Amorella 847.256.9656
    Park Staff
Saint Francis Xavier Church 2 years               Boss: Patty Jane Pelton 847. 256.0644
Millens Ace Hardware 1 year
Caddy for Indian Hill 4 years


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